Since it foundation 1998, We, Kyung In MJ System company objective is do our best to customer`s growth, We supply all of spare parts using for welding industry field, Also, We have good organization, Our continuous Quality Management, Cost Reduction. That is why giving our customer more competitive price.
We at Kyung In MJ System, concentrate our all of effort supplying using for Resistance Welding parts Kickless Cable, Jumper Cable & Special Alloy (Chrome Copper, Beryllium Copper, Copper Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tungsten) & Electrode, Shank, Holder, Welding Gun and Including Electric Control Device(SCR, Diode Stack) & Spare parts for ARC welding M/C(Co 2 , Tig, Plasma, Gouging). We concentrate our all of effort piece by piece.
Any of inquiry using for Welding Machine & Spare parts in Welding Industrial, We promise that all of effort to satisfy with our customer demand.
At the end, Thank you for using our products, If not mentioned products on the our web site, Please inquiry to us, we will consulting more detail business talk for our customer.
We pray for an eternal prosperous development of your company.